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Why Germany is Hostage to the Nuclear Powers

Up until the demise of the Soviet Union and the European turnabout in 1989, as well as the partial reunification of Germany that resulted from these events, defeated Germany was one of the major battle lines in a possible nuclear war and as such was “exposed to (total) annihilation” (former US President Jimmy Carter).

After Germany had been divided by the victorious powers following the defeat of the German Reich, it was not demilitarised as had previously been declared but became the global military deployment area of the American and Soviet nuclear powers. Germany was the country most densely studded with nuclear weapons worldwide. At this point in time America alone had 7500 atomic bombs positioned in Europe, the greater part of which on the territory of the former FRG.

The USA, together with its NATO vassals, reserved for itself the nuclear first strike and since Germany had been marked as the nuclear battlefield of the future, pursued a strategy of “confined nuclear war”.

Should it have come to war during those years, Germany faced the near-certainty of a nuclear reunification in atomic death. But even after the fall of the Berlin Wall the situation has hardly changed. The opinion that a war between the two Blocs is no longer possible is wrong! Germany is still not sovereign but “in actual fact a protectorate of the USA” (Kurt Georg Kiesinger). The country remains under the tyranny of US imperialism and is a “tributary vassal state” (Zbigniew Brzezinski).

The American troops stationed on German soil are a visible sign of non-existing sovereignty. Contrary to the Warsaw Pact, NATO was not dissolved. The drive to world domination shamelessly announces itself as the “new world order”. A massive eastward expansion of NATO’s borders has since then followed. On 17 May 1990 the NATO General Secretary, Wörner, solemnly declared in Brussels: “The fact that we are ready not to place a NATO army outside of German territory gives the Soviet Union a firm security guarantee.” In light of this serious provocation the Russian President, Putin, posed the valid question at the Munich Conference on Security Policy on 10 February 2007: “Where are these guarantees?”

The USA desires a unipolar world with itself as “sole world power”. This has dramatically increased the danger of war in Europe and the world. NATO and in particular the Federal Armed Forces of Germany have been converted into colonial auxiliaries for the imperial endeavours of the USA. Soldiers of the Federal Armed Forces are today standing at the Hindu Kush, in the Balkans and in the dark heart of Black Africa as American dogsbodies. Already in 1952 Hugo Backhaus wrote in view of the West Zone’s rearmament: “The weapon in the hand of the vanquished is nothing but the victor’s instrument of power. He needs auxiliaries. Auxiliaries have the twofold advantage of lessening own bloodshed whilst allowing the defeated to continue bleeding.”

Henceforth the “War on Terrorism” as propagated by George Bush against “rogue states” served as an alibi for massive arming and worldwide military interventions. The Green Party – whilst still under the influence of the peace movement – demanded in their election programme: “The defence political guidelines which provide for the global defence of so-called ‘national interests’ are to be repealed immediately.” In 1999, after parliament had been successfully corrupted, the German Bundestag consented to the NATO attack on Yugoslavia, which was started from German soil and was in breach of the ius gentium. Only a few years later the delegates gave their consent to the combat mission of the Federal Air Force in Kosovo and Afghanistan where thousands were killed in the name of “world peace”, “justice”, “liberty” and “democracy”. Other countries and Peoples are still being threatened with nuclear weapons from German soil, and although Germany does not have power of disposal over these it acts as “protecting power”.

In January 2008 five former NATO chiefs of staff, amongst them the former German general Klaus Naumann, presented their strategic concept within the framework of an aggressive military reorientation, where again the deployment of nuclear weapons is candidly declared an option. The necessity of “out of area” missions was repeatedly declared in order to secure the access of the “western community of consumerism” to the limited sources of food and energy.

Additionally the USA plans to deploy its nuclear arms that are stored in Germany outside the area of NATO, for example in the Middle East. During her speech to the Knesset on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, criticised the Iranian nuclear programme, in which she sees “a danger for peace and security” without mentioning a single word about Israel’s exorbitant nuclear armament that is aided by the FRG through the supply with submarines capable of being armed with nuclear weapons. On the basis of “common values” and appealing to “everlasting responsibility” she committed herself to the specific “historic responsibility Germany has for Israel’s security” as being a “part of my country’s raison d’être. For me as German Chancellor, therefore, Israel’s security will never be open to negotiation. And that being the case, we must do more than pay lip-service to this commitment at this critical point.”

It naturally remains unspoken that Israel has on numerous occasions threatened its neighbours with the deployment of its approx. 200 nuclear weapons (clearly more than India and Pakistan have together and already outmatching Britain’s nuclear arsenal).

For the descendents of the Holocaust-Germans the critical point could well be the looming new Middle East Conflict in which German blood can be spilled for Old Testament interests.

With the “monopoly right to militarise space” which America has recently propagated, the arms race has now entered into a decisive phase. The unrestrained greed and gluttony of Mammonism for cheap raw materials and labour which now declares itself as “liberation”, is the cause of the constant wars and staged conflicts. “It is in Star Wars, in the cosmic Utopianism of the navigation of outer space, that America finds the full expression of its nature.” (Reinhold Oberlercher)

The installation of the US missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic compromises the strategic balance in Europe and increases the risk of global destabilisation. This shameless provocation is justified with the ridiculous claim that Iran could attack North America and Europe with its missiles – which have a maximum range of 1700 kilometres!

According to various sources there are still 150-200 nuclear missiles stored in Germany with which the USA threatens other Peoples and nations from German territory. Some of these bombs have an explosive power 13 times higher than the destructive power of the Hiroshima bomb. The German population is thereby a hostage to the nuclear powers. Nothing has changed in the strategy of the USA to make Central Europe – should it come to war – the battlefield of its confined, nuclear proxy war. According to statements from American military officers, politicians and presidents, it is clear that “the Third World War will be fought in Europe, just as the First and Second World War were” (Rear Admiral Gene R. La Rocque), so long as there are “enough Germans” that “can die for our interests” (US General Collins as well as US Secretary of Defence C. Weinberger). The Bush administration lately overtly threatened the world with the “Third World War”.

With the rising threat to Russia and other European states, Germany clearly enters the sights of a possible preventive strike and as such into the slipstream of total annihilation.

The few attempts of FRG politicians to withdraw nuclear weapons from Germany failed. As before the Germans – whose fundamental rights are being withheld – are living in total humiliation, lacking all rights. In view of the total annihilation in nuclear war that is hanging over our heads like the sword of Damocles, the Germans are indeed in the most “undignified situation” of their history (Hellmut Diwald).

Germany’s existence is at stake. It is a matter of being or not being! In light of impending annihilation all ideologies are of secondary importance! All Germans who wish to remain German are called to become aware of the impending nuclear demise and to act politically. Only a national policy for the safeguard of the People is a true German policy. Let us take our destiny into our own hands and put an end to this disgraceful foreign rule! We call upon all Germans:

Free Germany from nuclear captivity!

Robert von Westerwald

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  1. Guter, lesenswerter und informativer Artikel.

  2. Reich4 - befürworter says:

    Zu Deutschland in Atomarer Geiselhaft und anderen Artikeln des Deutschen Kollegs und des Reich 4.

    Ein Versuch einer Reaktion auf alles gelesene.

    Die Fakten sowohl historischer Art als auch die unserer Zeit die in den Artikeln von Herrn Oberlercher und Herrn Maler aufgezeigt werden sind sicherlich alle zu Recht geschrieben und hoffentlich werden diese auch nicht wieder vergessen.

    Leider vermisse ich eine wenigstens einigermaßen brauchbare Vision von einer neuen Ordnung zumal nach dem Zusammenbruch des Kapitalistischen Globalen Imperialismus doch nicht alles ohne Kritik hinnehmbar sein kann. Paradiesische Zustände wird es in der Welt wohl niemals geben ausser man schafft sich solche in seiner eigenen begrenzten kleinen Welt.

    Villeicht habe ich auch dies und jenes nicht so verstanden wie es gemeint sein sollte da doch die Materie in den Artikeln nicht immer die ganz leichte Kost sind.

    An viele Gedanken muß man sich erst gewöhnen.
    Ich kann nun Herrn Oberlercher nicht bitten uns die Vision von einer besseren Welt mit einfacheren Worten zu beschreiben. Dazu wird er sich vermutlich nicht die Zeit nehmen.Auch möchte ich keinen von der weiteren Lektüre des Kollegs abschrecken,trotzdem glaube ich daß es an der Zeit wäre mit Worten und nicht mit Formeln der Leserschaft des Deutschen Kollegs doch eine ungefähre Vorstellung von der Zukunft Deutschlands zu zeichnen.

    Bei dieser Gelegenheit Freiheit für Horst Mahler.

  3. peter says:

    Vielen Dank für die Response.


  4. peter says:

    Reaktion auf alle gelesenen Artikel des Deutschen Kollegs oder des Reich 4.

    Möchte hier nicht weiter meine Bedenken zu unterschiedlichen Punkten äußern sondern das Deutsche Kolleg unterstützen in der Forderung daß der § 130 des GG gestrichen werden muß.

    Ein Volk muß sich ohne Maulkorb nach Angriffen verteidigen und Selbstbestimmen können. Das angestammte Volk ist der Souverän und muß sich nicht von aussen die Gesetze aufzwingen lassen die des Volk mundtot machen.

    Wenn wir uns nicht mehr verteidigen und selbstbestimmen zerstört dies die Deutsche Seele,die deutsche Idendität und somit das deutsche Volk.
    Ich habe hier nur einen Punkt aus allen Artikeln angesprochen
    die ich hier gelesen habe.

    Ich rate allen die noch deutsch sein wollen alle Artikel dieses Kollegs zu lesen und Teilzunehmen an einem Dialog unter einander hier im Deutschen Kolleg damit wir,das Volk uns wieder selbst bestimmen und uns nicht weiter der Fremdbestimmung ausliefern.


  5. peter says:

    Nachtrag zu meinem oben verfassten Komentar vom 10.10.2010

    Schnelle Notiz:

    Ich beschränke mich in dem o.g. Text natürlich nicht nur auf die Beseitigung des § 130 GG sondern stimme in vielen Dingen mit dem DK überein.