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Caricatures of the Racial Struggle

In order to preserve the waking coma of the German Reich, the East-West conflict of old camouflaged itself as international class struggle. The present East-West conflict appears, for the same purpose, as a supra-national struggle of the cultures. Both sides of the war of bombardment to come of the Judeo-American empire against Persia and Syria have a vested interest in an escalation of the struggle of the cultures. Cultures are races; cultural struggle is racial struggle. During the so-called caricature scandal it at first appeared that the West was against the Orient: the freedom of caricature against the caricature of freedom. When, however, Tehran put the West’s freedom of caricature to the test and organised a Holocaust caricature competition, the best examples of which the Danish editor who had been responsible for the Mohammed caricatures desired to print as evidence for the freedom of caricature in the West, he was immediately sacked. With all its Judeo-antichristian freedom of caricature, the West has disgraced itself along the whole line as the caricature of freedom

Whoever identifies with those currently in command will view the political situation as extremely difficult, indeed as desperate and hopeless. Those, however, who desire to bring down those currently in command will feel optimistic in view of the world’s political situation. It is particularly promising that Islam is beating the West, even though it is still uncertain whether it will conquer the West. In order to answer the question of who is able to conquer who or not, one needs to know what one party is or is not. Thus, what is Islam and what is the West?

Islam is not a progressive step forward in the history of religion but a platform to fall back on for the uprooted oriental masses of immediate post-antiquity. Islam is pure monotheism and as such totalitarianism: it recognises only one God and destroys the holy sites of all other gods and thus the loci of identification of the souls of other Peoples, who by these means are given to either destruction or submission. Monotheistic totalitarianism is common to both of the two great religions which the Semitic race brought forth, Judaism and Islam. Both religions were generated by the desert and are thus in essence desolating. Both are also fanatical. Fanaticism is a cognitive short-circuit within the moments of the concept, i.e. the universal, particular and individual. The fanaticism of Judaism is therefore that of the One Lord, Yahweh, who is abstract, lethal universality and kills all particularities – the gods of the various Peoples. This one god turns the universal into an absolute, and thus logically genocide and the slaying of the gods of the others is his program. Only one People is chosen, the Jews, who are promised world-shepherdship under the condition that they murder all other gods and Peoples. Should the Jews not comply with this command of genocide, they will themselves be threatened with destruction. Monotheism is always also totalitarianism due its being false totality and not true, concrete totality. Already in antiquity the Jews spread totalitarianism in Egypt when, according to tradition (Gen. 47:13-26) Joseph introduced ancient oriental Communism – the dispossession and enslavement of the People (with the exception of the priests) as basis of the pharaonic central economic administration. In the twentieth century, Jewish totalitarianism took the form of Bolshevism, which was executed with the fanaticism necessary for enslavement and genocide by Trotzki, Lenin and Stalin.

Just as the fanaticism of the One Lord is characteristic of the Jews, so is the subjection of the individual under the universal – Allah – characteristic of the Moslems. The conceptual moment of the particular is omitted. This is the cognitive short-circuit of Islamic totalitarian fanaticism. Islam, however, exists on a higher plane and is stronger than Judaism since it is of a universal nature, and non-Arabs too can convert to it. Since Islam is the religion of war of the one Holy War for the purpose of subjugating the whole world to Allah, it is of course forbidden to desert and renunciate; otherwise the penalty is death, cf. Afghanistan. Islam is in itself superior to Judaism because foreigners of all extractions may join the Ummah, the Moslem world-community. However, owing to the symbiosis of Jewry with the USA as a power, and with the American ideology of the promised land of unlimited opportunity, Jewry as yet has the world-political forehand, is however progressively losing its initiative to Islam. The current world-conflict when viewed from its racial origin, is an internal struggle of the Semitic race. It is the interest of the white race that Islam be victorious over Judaism and that all Jews be subjected to Arab rule. The latter will then be driven back into the earth’s desert belt in order to liberate the temperate zone – the home of the white race – from all conquerors that have come from the desert and steppe.

What is race, what is People, what is nation? Race is community of extraction, People is progressive community of extraction, language and destiny (i.e. the spiritual form within a race) and nation is the People as political subject of the ius gentium, a possessor of itself, or sovereign. The German People is Europe’s centre, and Europe the centre of the world. The German Reich is humanity’s Inner Reich, its Inner Kingdom or Realm. It is the form and task of the mean-Germanic German People.

Immanuel Kant left us a racial theory. According to Kant, races are modifications of humanity generated by the climate zones that are hereditarily constant, i.e. they are variations of the human species. Thus the main races originate from the hot, cold and temperate climate zones. There therefore exist the black, yellow and white basic races, i.e. Negroes, Eskimos and Whites. Semites and Hamites are probably what Kant refers to as “half-bred children or mongrels” (Werke, XI, p. 12 ff.) that is white mulattoes in the case of the Semites and black mulattoes in the case of the Hamites. The Teutons belong to the upper, Nordic mould of the white race.

The races have also settled outside their native climate zones. This proves not only that the races themselves, but also that racial struggles together with victories and defeats are fundamental facts of humanity. They are thus the fundamental impetus of all human progress. An every antiracism that denies or vilifies this must retreat to undifferentiated humanity as a mammalian species as well as to humanism as its ideology. Antiracism is therefore the fundamental reaction against the pain and suffering of inner-human progress, a progress implying ever increasing discrimination, i.e. the pejorative differentiation between the low and high, the ugly and beautiful, the stupid and clever. With the development of genetic engineering the future of racism seems to be a bright one, for to be born into a low natural race can be felt to be a great injustice and can awaken the desire that man take his racial fate into his own hands, that he make his racial fate available to himself and put himself into the position to change it. The fact that man will in future determine his own racial affiliation according to his free will seems probable if not certain. When, however, he will be in the position to do so is uncertain.

On the current racial-historical agenda is the victorious world-insurrection against the hegemony of the white race, which implies its subjection to the non-white races. In the current struggle within the Semitic race, which is on both sides being waged as a War against Terror, a victory of Islam over the capitalistic world’s Judaism is to be expected. The West will lose because it does not protect the white race and because it represents secularity which cannot contain the sacrality of the attack of Islam (cf. Botho Strauss).

The German national movement and all Germans true to the Reich must cold bloodedly await the demise of the West, which will also cost sacrifices in the rows of our own People. For: Germany is not the West, but the Centre: the centre of Europe and thus the centre of the world. The demise of the West will wholly justify German history. It is only then that the German Reich’s ability to act can be restored and that the spiritual, political and demographic-economical convalescence of the German People can set in. Viewed as racial struggle this will be the expulsion of the non-white races out of the temperate climate zone, but the white race too will probably have to vacate settlement areas such as California and Texas.

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