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The Demographic Catastrophe of the Democratic System

Posted By DK On 01.05.2005 @ 16:49 In Declarations | 23 Comments

The demographic catastrophe has set in. Even the desire to have children has, on average, shrunk to one and a half (1.52) in Central Europe, not to mention the actual, constantly declining birth rate. Only recently has the catastrophic demography of the German People, which for a long time was an issue monopolised by the political extreme right, forced itself into the discourse of the democrats with the momentum of collapsing social classes.

The reason for the demographic catastrophe is the democratic system. The democratic system is the political manifestation of the Capitalist system. Democracy is: Rule over all sorts of people with their consent given in contractual or electoral form. In the intercourse-sphere this appears as a transaction amongst equals; in the fulfillment-sphere, however, it emerges as a state of affairs of highest inequality – the core of an every rule, including democratic rule, appears: namely the relationship of command and obediance. He who commands is master, he who obeys his servant. Within democracy, the master is democrat and the servant the democratised. The servant is necessarily the anti-democrat, the master the counter-democratised. Both, however, support democracy, for democracy is their particular master-servant relationship to which they owe their social existance. He who desires to be neither master, nor servant, neither democrat, nor democratised, becomes a danger to democracy.

Danger to democracy is danger to Capitalism. Democracy’s analogy in market economy is human capital, i.e. the transformation of money into labour capacity, the exploitation of labour capacity in the production of goods and services, and their realisation into more money. The surplus-power of the democratic process corresponds to this surplus-value of the Capitalist process. The dispossession of the masses from the economic and political means of production (means of administration) is a prerequisite as well as an identical procedure that is merely described twice, namely in economic and political terminology.

In spite of its wealth civil society is, in its escalation as Capitalist system, unable to limit the constant creation of immiseration. Friedrich Engels modified the Marxist theory of immiseration to the effect that in the long run, not only will the consumption of goods per capita recede, but the insecurity of existence too will increase. Not only has the latter come to pass, not only has the value-pauperisation (during growing consumption of goods), even within the long phases of the growth of total capital, been constanty active in the proletarian masses, but the immiseration, i.e. pauperisation of goods per person (decreasing consumption of goods per capita) is spreading in the current stagnation of maturity of the Capitalist means of production.

Capitalism has entered the final stage of absolute pauperisation and immiseration. The system-induced pauperisation is absolute when one not only needs to economise on the expenditure of goods per existing labour capacity, but when one needs to save on the number of labour capacity brought into existence, by which means their death rate is constantly higher than their birth rate. Capitalism’s maturity is the creeping death of the Peoples in the form of dying out labour capacity.

He who does not want to speak about Capitalism and the absolute pauperisation and immiseration caused by it, should remain silent about demography and be ashamed of himself. The demographic catastrophe has set in, the catastrophe of the democratic system is foreseeable. The completely accomplished victory of the democratic, Capitalist system has left its characteristic marks:

  • The devastation of the world into indistinguishable areas of production and marketing.
  • The corruption of the Peoples into mere populaces by means of an influx of foreigners into all previously homogenous areas of settlement.
  • The failure of both women and men to realise their purpose of existence by means of the proletarian existence, which is raised to an ideal without the last little bit of self-contempt, and this simultaneously going hand in hand with an increase of qualified labour capacity dropping into the sub-proletarian existence of unemployment.
  • The death of the children; the completed disappearance of large families as a desired and normally achieved ideal of true human wealth.

Though the state desires neither relative, nor absolute pauperisation, it is – as proletarian state – the servant of capital, and not a free person. Capital has enslaved the state to its interests and has turned it into a tax-state serving the state debt and into a nurse-like welfare state, which has greatly increased the possibility of blackmailing its domestic affairs through capital.

He who does not want to do away with democracy (to the German People at once a foreign word as well as foreign rule) through constituent power, need not at all begin with the criticism of Capitalism, and ought to keep wholly silent about the demographic problem, as well as the safeguarding and increase of the German People.

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