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More Papal than the Pope

Posted By DK On 21.04.2005 @ 15:40 In Declarations | 36 Comments

The German Joseph Ratzinger was elected Bishop of Rome. The next day, on 20 April 2005, the newspaper Bild headlined: We are Pope!

The Deutsches Kolleg, as the Holy German Reich’s organ of thought, has always been super-papal and is pleased at the emotional stir according to which all Germans are Pope. We Germans have, after all, always been more papal than any pope, which led not only to Arius, Luther and Hegel, to Hitler, Heidegger and Carl Schmitt, but also to the countless German “subject-popes” [German idiom for specialist] for each and everything. Being German means doing something for its own sake.

On the eve of the 116th birthday of Hitler – the eternal maledict – the Germans thus gave the world a 16th Benedict, one who has a noticeably calm mode of thinking and is yet a Christian fundamentalist. After Judaism and Islam, Christianity, too, has as such now reached the stage of passionate fundamentalism. The theologically-based war of world-consciousness that was not decided in the 20th century has now reached its decisive stage. Opinions are already differing about the Hitler Youth from Marktl am Inn.

The current German pope had already been the mind behind the former Polish pope, who is credited with inciting the Poles to their insurrection against the Communist world-system. Should Benedict XVI have the ambition of not only equalling John Paul II historically, but to surpass him, then he can only take one road of action: to incite the Peoples of the world to rebell against the global Capitalist system, and to thus bring about its demise. A wonderful Christian demand would be the reintroduction of the prohibition to take interest; the dialogue with Jewry could at once be terminated, and the missionarisation of the Jews again be energetically resumed. With these historical tasks, the abolition of the pope would acquire a final deadline.

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