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The presence of hell

Posted By DK On 25.02.2005 @ 22:15 In Declarations | 32 Comments

In his most recent statement on the occasion of a dialogue book, Pope John Paul II has yet again condemned the democratic mass abortions. This time, however, with far greater public effect, since he places the mass abortions on the same level of horror as the Holocaust. In doing so, the head of the Roman Catholic Church is denying the truly ruling world church – the Holocaust religion – its singularity and peerlessness.

The Bishop of Rome compares the mass abortions of the democratic regimes of the present with

  • the Judeo-Herodian infanticide of Bethlehem,
  • the Judeo-Bolshevist gulag (estimated 66 million dead),
  • the Holocaust of Auschwitz (believed 6 million Jewish gassings; death toll according to the official Death Book ca. 64 000),
  • the Anglo-American Bombing Holocaust (Dresden, Hiroshima, etc.).

With this, the Bishop of Rome has initiated a new round in the competition among the world religions for the role of the leading religion.

The Deutsches Kolleg declares:

  1. Its solidarity with the papal statement against the democratic infanticide.
  2. Its mild criticism at the belittlement that is inherent in all these comparisons.

With an average of 1.3 million abortions annually in the USA, over 40 million procreated American children have been murdered in the past three decades. Furthermore, the murder of a procreated child is a far greater terror than the murder of a born child. If one then calls to mind the silence, indeed the cooperation of the Lutherans, one begins to desire the Counter-Reformation. This whole human children-devouring maw – this Moloch – can only be depicted in theological, apocalyptical terms: as the presence of hell.

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