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Semitic Ritual Murder

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I. In Amsterdam, a Semitic Arab possessing a Moroccan as well as a Dutch passport ritually executed the Low Country German Theo van Gogh on the open street: he a) shot him, b) slit his throat (shehitah), and c) pinned an Islamic threat onto the shehitah-knife which he rammed into the victim’s chest.

II. Whoever does not understand the ritual murder from an internal viewpoint, whoever does not understand it as the legitimate sacrifice or execution in accordance with the guidelines of a religious law, cannot grasp the essence of the two main religions of law which the Semitic cultural environment – the subjective carrier of which is the Semitic race – gave birth to: Judaism and Islam.

III. The fact that the Abraham of the Old Testament is naturally prepared to slaughter his own son, Isaac, and sacrifice him to Lord Yahweh, proves him to be a pious man, and Yahweh gratefully promises him “thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies” (Gen. 22:17). Yahweh’s law, however, also demands the collective shehitah of whole nations right down to the last suckling, and this statutory norm is then expressed as: carry out the sacred annihilation!

IV. Islam is a major step forward from Judaism for it no longer threatens with genocide but only demands submission (= Islam), which means that every non-Arab can also flee to Islam. Islamic law only threatens the thief with cutting off of the hands, but solely threatens those with execution who insult Islam or Allah, or disparage his sole prophet. There is a vague suspicion that Theo van Gogh may have committed the latter.

V. One truly insults God and offends his sole prophet when the offer of submission (i.e. Islamic teaching) is turned down. It is even worse, however, to constantly nag at Islamic culture and demand things like the emancipation of women or a liberal legislative reform. That is desecration of the law God gave once and for all. This desecration can only be atoned through the shehitah of the desecrator.

VI. The shehitah of animals kept for meat production was once forbidden in all German states due to its being cruelty to animals. The Jewish communities then pushed through the privilege of ignoring the ban on shehitah for themselves alone. True, strict Islam is now making itself clearly heard with the public shehitah of humans, after the whole world has become accustomed to the infanticide, practised in the tradition of Herod, which the Jews are perpetrating in Palestine.

VII. These ritual killings are murder only from the viewpoint of our own culture, which has been formed by the Germanic-Christian religion of love.

VIII. Culture is that which a particular human race always tends to do and that which a particular race is confident that it is not permitted to do. It is thus ascertained, that multiculturalism is always barbarism, for here, every act possible is permissible so long as one argues along lines which relativise culture and so long as one refers to the individual’s free choice of culture. For this reason, each culture begins with the ban of all foreign cultures. This, however, practically means the expulsion of all people of foreign race out of the respective cultural environment.

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