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The 20th of July as Day of Remembrance

  1. The fact that the attempted assassination of the Chancellor of the Reich, Adolf Hitler, on the 20th of July 1944, failed, is worthy of remembrance.
  2. From 1939 to 1945 the German Reich waged on numerous fronts a war that had been forced upon it by the Western powers. On the Eastern Front, the Reich defended Europe against the Asiatic counter-revolution, on the Western Front, against capitalism and the bondage of interest and on the African front, against imperialistic colonialism.
  3. It was a struggle of life and death for the German People, a struggle for self-assertion as a nation. Victory and a peace of agreement or defeat and the submission to the interest-bondage of the western community of exploitation on the one hand, and the general, real condition of state-slavery of communism on the other hand, were the alternatives.
  4. After the battle of Stalingrad and the landing of the Americans in Normandy, a German victory had become unlikely. The only choice that remained was between surrender and the struggle to the bitter end.
  5. The military leadership decided for surrender, Hitler, however, for the struggle down to the last cartridge. Hitler was right, for with the heroic defeat and with the struggle to the bitter end, the German Reich earned the historic right to a glorious resurrection. For death in struggle is not the definitive end for a People. Each People is a child of God, and can rise again.
  6. A submission would have meant the internalisation of the individualism of the Western community of exploitation, and the surrendering of the idea of the volksgemeinschaft [People’s community]. Providence spared the German People this, which is why, on the 20th of July 1944, it again saved the life of its Führer.
  7. The western community of exploitation has only spread in Germany by the subjugation of individual persons. It has not appeared as the subjugation of the Folk-Spirit and has, therefore, not truly imposed itself. Our People has not lost its soul and is not lifeless. Still in 1948, 57% of the Germans believed that National Socialism had been a good idea. This is the secret of the omnipresence of Adolf Hitler, who, in the nightmares of our enemies, is working for the resurrection of the German People.
  8. Hitler acted in accordance with the World-Spirit. The World-Spirit had realised itself in the German Folk-Spirit as volksgemeinschaft, which surmounts the lethal atomism of middle-class society. For the Peoples, the idea of the volksgemeinschaft is the release from the bondage of interest, and the existence of the freedom of the individual member of the People, as well as the People’s community as a whole.
  9. This alone adequately explains the livid, mortal animosity of the West against historic National Socialism, as well as the readiness to make sacrifices for, and the devotional defence of, the New Order of Things by the German People, which, due to this, is being demonised in an unprecedented manner.
  10. Adolf Hitler is justified in the face of history and of his People. The fog of historical lies that deforms the figure of Hitler, is beginning to disappear.
  11. The conspirators of the 20th of July 1944 acted – even if under worthy motives – against the will of the World-Spirit. According to the law, they were guilty of high treason, and in part also of betrayal of the country. As such they had to be punished with death. As sinners against the World-Spirit, they loaded shame upon themselves, the dimensions of which are only becoming visible these days, to the backdrop of the running amok of the Judeo-American empire. They are venerable heroes only for the collaborators, who are in cahoots with the enemies of the Reich.
  12. As senior officers, the conspirators knew that the war was not to be won. They wanted to spare German blood. To the unconditional right to recognition – and thus death –, they preferred their People to be the slave of the plutocrats.
  13. The iron will of Adolf Hitler and the heroic struggle of the German Wehrmacht saved Europe from the Asiatic counter-revolution – Western Europe directly, and Eastern Europe indirectly after 45 years.
  14. In his struggle with the German Reich, Stalin was forced to play the national card and declare the “Great Patriotic War”. With this he stirred up forces in the Russian soul that he was not able to control after the defeat of Germany. That is the inner reason for the fall of the Soviet empire.
  15. The Russian soul is related to the Germanic soul. Because of her conspicuous lack of thirst for action and her paucity of confidence in the world, the Russian soul seeks support in the Germans – and not in the Chinese.
  16. Had Russian military leaders revolted against Stalin in order to join forces with Hitler, they would have been guilty of high treason and betrayal of their country (and would have had to have been punished as such), but in the face of history, they would have been justified. For progression in the consciousness of freedom is inherent in the idea of the German-Russian long-term relationship, which will make Europe independent both from the US-East Coast as well as from China. The foreseeable end of the Judeo-American empire will bring with it the resurrection of the idea of the volksgemeinschaft and of the German Reich. Both will only thrive in harmony with Russia. The German and the Russian Reich are called to jointly guarantee public peace in Europe and Asia, and to build the outer realm of freedom.

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