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On the 70th Anniversary of the German Revolution

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1. This week, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the uprising of the German People for a government of national honour, against the arbitrariness of the victors of the First World War.

2. The dictatorship of Adolf Hitler was the revolutionary will of the German People and not the work of a party, and certainly not the result of a conspiracy against national liberty.

3. The struggle is between passing Individualism, whose truth is social atomism, and approaching Personalism, whose truth is the self-conscious Volksgemeinschaft [People’s community].

4. In this struggle, Germany represents the principle of the Volksgemeinschaft and will, as a spiritual power, be victorious (Nachum Goldmann).

5. The 20th century was, for the German Reich, the century of the Triumph of the Will to Power and of military defeat. Both belong together. Spiritual leadership, which the leader of the Jews Nachum Goldmann rightly recognised as being the mission of the German spirit, can only grow and flourish on spiritual ground. It can never come from a victory secured by military means, for the spirit of the vanquished Peoples revolts against it.

6. The outward conditions of the necessary defeat of the German Reich are insignificant and unimportant. They are of interest only so long as the German People has not yet stepped out of the shadow of its defeat and does not desire to understand them. To understand these, however, is what matters.

7. History is the passage of God through the world to himself. The Peoples’ destinies are the depictions and expressions of God’s course. It is beyond moral assessment – for who could judge God – by which standard? The historically acting Peoples are therefore justified and without fault.

8. The historic vocation of the French Enlightenment, of Manchester-capitalism and Judeo-American Mammonism was the isolation of the subjective spirit and the enabling of the human to live as an individual. The vocation of the German spirit is the back-bonding (religio) of the isolated individual (the miserable social atom) into his spiritual substance, the self-conscious Volksgemeinschaft, who thus grows to be a person (personare := the resounding of the Folk-Spirit).

9. National Socialism was the (first) negation of social atomism and as such not a deviation from the will of the World-Spirit, but a necessary step on the path to freedom.

10. The weakness of the national and social uprising of the Germans in 1933 was the parliamentary form in which it took place. This obscured the nature of the revolution, which was directed against liberal-capitalism. When Adolf Hitler later disposed of the parliamentary party-system, as being the political expression of the rule of capital, the enemy propaganda was able to interpret this as a usurpation of state authority by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), i.e. as an injustice. The inner reconciliation of the German People, that had been deeply fissured through the era of the imposed system, thus remained unfinished. The result was the concentration camp system.

11. The fear that this spread gradually corrupted the community spirit. The terror proved, contrary to the Jacobins’ reign of terror, to be the Fall of the revolution, the propagandistic exaggeration of which by the victors, and the incessant focusing upon which, have finally destroyed the self-confidence and pride of the Germans.

12. The mutually desired resistance of the European Peoples against the Bolshevik subversion and aggression, later led to the formation of the first – truly potent – European army, the Waffen SS, yet simultaneously, withdrew the energy of will from the idea of a crusade of the German Reich to liberate the working-class in France and Great Britain, due to its propinquity to Communistic internationalism.

13. The limitation of the National Socialist revolution to the German Reich was the external condition for the success of the US-led counter-revolution.

14. The schism of Europe made possible the rise of the USA to a hyper-power which, after the military victory of 1945, first subdued the Central and West European nations and forced them to become tribute-paying vassals of the US-East Coast.

15. The loss of the pride of having successfully defended Europe from Bolshevism, which laid the explosive device to the destruction of the Soviet Empire, is explained by the catastrophic crippling of the soul of the Germans, by means of continued psychological warfare (known by the misnomer “re-education”).

16. The running amok of the Judeo-American Empire that is now beginning, will exhaust the spiritual energies of individualism and will disorganise the global liberal-capitalistic process of manufacture and distribution. This disintegration will bring forth the second and final attempt to assert the self-conscious Volksgemeinschaft, which only now, being the second negation of individualism (negation of the negation = affirmation), can last.

17. We commemorate those who suffered a violent death in this struggle of the World-Spirit with itself. We honour the memory of the warriors, who fought for the realisation of the self-conscious Volksgemeinschaft. We affirm our obligation to continue on the path, first set out for us by our parents and grandparents – towards the freedom of the People.

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