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Operation Barbarossa

Posted By DK On 22.06.2001 @ 17:15 In Declarations | 40 Comments

1. Sixty years ago, on the 22nd of June 1941, the German Wehrmacht crossed the demarcation line of the Soviet territory along a wide front.

2. In this manner, the German Reich responded to the subversive warfare of the Communist Internationale that was being directed by Stalin, and which, in the twenties, had already brought Germany to the brink of a Bolshevik coup d’état.

3. The European dimension of this defensive action against the Asiatic counter-revolution, was seen in the large number of volunteers in the Waffen SS, which thus became the first and only European army suitable for war.

4. The question whether the German Reich was the attacker, or whether it forestalled a Soviet attack, is less important, because states have the right to war.

5. The German Wehrmacht saved Western Europe and the greater part of Germany from Bolshevism. It could not prevent the destruction of European culture by the Americanisation of the European lifestyle.

6. In its historic fundamentals, the eastern campaign of the Wehrmacht can only be compared to the Persian Wars of the ancient Greeks. In both cases, the principle of the Old World was at stake against oriental despotism.

7. As long as National Socialism represented the national principle, i.e. the Peoples’ right to self-determination, it was on the road to victory. When, however, it became imperialistic itself in the East, and started to disdain the Peoples’ right to self-determination, the road to defeat began.

8. In the West, the Wehrmacht triumphed because it represented the National Socialist principle. In the East, however, the Wehrmacht turned into a fascistic-antique power, and became categorically incapable of winning the eastern Peoples, making it possible for Stalin’s oriental despotism to join forces with the liberalistic-capitalistic states of the Anglo-Saxon maritime powers, and so gain a historical reprieve of half a century.

9. The shadow of oriental despotism and the Asiatic way of production (economic central administration), will not subside from the new Russia until the German People (and with it the Peoples of the West) have liberated themselves from the dictatorship of capital. For only then will the sacrifice of the Wehrmacht and of the European Waffen SS, that stopped Stalin’s new storm of Mongols, find its historic fulfilment.

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